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Divorce Attorney Farmington Hills Michigan
divorce attorney farmington hills michigan
divorce attorney farmington hills michigan
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Divorce Attorney Farmington Hills Michigan
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Farmington Hills Attorney

I am both an attorney and a counselor for my clients. I analyze the facts of your situation, usually during an in person interview. I review your documentation. I counsel my clients to take the best course of action to maximize their results. I negotiate on behalf of my clients. I investigate and obtain documentation of their claims and the facts surrounding their claims. I advocate on behalf of my clients, whether in private negotiations or in the courtroom.  If the court makes a serious error, I represent my

Elizabeth A. Silverman

has consistently maintained
the highest ethical and competency standards as determined by an
independent review
of her peers

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Divorce Attorney Elizabeth Silverman

clients in the Court of Appeals or before the Michigan Supreme Court. My goal is to satisfy my clients. I do that by being honest and up-front about the law and the facts before I begin my representation and throughout my relationship with my clients.

I am a licensed attorney with over 31 years of experience. My peers have given me the highest possible rating for legal competence and legal ethics. My legal career began at Carson, Fischer & Potts where I worked on real estate syndications, business transactions and pensions. I moved on to work with Hertzberg & Golden, specializing in litigation in the civil courts and in bankruptcy court. In 1990, I started my own firm. I continued to devote a large part of my practice to litigation. My expertise has been recognized in the areas of divorce, custody, support and parenting time disputes. Based upon my background, I also maintain a business practice which includes real estate, collections, litigation and business planning. I am the Chair of the 2010-2011 General Practice - Solo and Small Firm Section of the State Bar of Michigan.


I can properly counsel you regarding the application of the law to your case. Through my years of experience I can provide you with honest, direct answers to your legal questions. Do you have a valid claim? What is the most cost effective way to enforce your rights? If you have to litigate, what can you expect? I have also formed many valuable associations with other attorneys who specialize in areas of the law I do not. If I donít know the answer to your questions, I can direct you to an attorney who specializes in that area. My goal is to have a happy, well informed client.


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